Wadden Systems offers a variety of deliciously profitable Flavoring systems to help businesses increase turnover and make the most out of their soft serve equipment.

All the Flavoring systems offered by Wadden Systems come with everything needed to get started, including flavor extracts, mixing cups, pumps, and other necessary components. This makes it easy for businesses to start offering a variety of delicious and high-quality food and beverage options to their customers and can start using the systems right away without the need for any additional equipment or supplies. This not only makes the process of setting up and using the systems more convenient, but it also helps to is one of the many reasons why their systems are so popular and highly regarded in the food service industry.

24 Flavor System

One popular choice is the 24 Flavor System, which allows for a diverse range of flavors to be offered on a cone-to-cone basis. The 24 Flavor System comes with 24 basic flavors. Wadden Systems has over 87 flavors to choose from, including vegan options, so shops can expand their menu offerings even further.

By offering 24 Flavors of Soft Serve, shops not only increase their profit per serving but also will see customers back more frequently as there is so much more to choose from.

The 24 Flavor System is supported by attractive promotional material which is provided on consignment and refreshed on a need to basis to active customers.

Also replacement parts are Free by utilizing Rebate Coupons earned with flavor purchases.

A3001 – Mixing Cup and A3005 Mixing Cap – Free with Rebate Coupon

In addition to the 24 Flavor System, Wadden Systems also offers other Flavoring systems, such as the Iceberg Slush System, the Swift Shake System, and the Delightful Dip System. These systems provide a wide range of choices to enhance menus and boost profits.


The Iceberg Slush System produces slush on a cup to cup basis, offering a variety of refreshing and flavorful beverages. With the Iceberg Slush System, a shop is able to offer 24 different flavors of slush.


The Swift Shake System allows businesses to serve 24 flavors of shakes quickly and efficiently, while the Delightful Dip System provides six delicious dip flavors to satisfy customers’ cravings. You can order the Delightful Dip System here

Wadden Systems was founded in 1993 by Rita Wadden and it is said she started a new market segment of flavoring Soft Serve. With more than 5000 units sold, it continues to be a roaring success.

In the New England, Wadden Systems is exclusively distributed by Acana Northeast Inc, who also represents Electro Freeze. Electro Freeze known for their high quality soft serve ice cream machines and is the preferred choice for many of the large chains. They also have a 9 Flavor Automatic Ice Cream machine, the Fuzionate.

Wadden’s delicious Flavor extracts work extremely well with this automatic Fuzionate 9 flavor ice cream machine. Wadden Systems’ Flavor extracts are highly concentrated, cost-effective, and made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. They are also sugar-free, gluten-free, and there is a Vegan menu available.

With exceptional customer service and attractive point of sale materials, businesses can be confident in their investment.

It’s effortless to reorder your 24 Flavors of Soft Serve Flavors. You have the convenience of placing your orders online or calling 800 392 3336 to make the process more convenient for you.

Wadden’s dedicated Customer Service Representatives provide excellent customer service, and their Sales Team is always available to assist you in expanding your business.

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